After 7 years of solid competing, 2010 was the dawn of a new direction in my career. I have been involved with the product development at Flexifoil for many years but spent so much time training and competing that I couldn’t commit the amount of time to it that I have always wanted to.

I have spent a lot of time and energy this year developing a part of Flexifoil branded “HADLOW by Flexifoil”, giving the kite and some new products the attention and extra time they really deserves, in addition to the HADLOW kite this year there is a new freestyle board and a wakestyle board.

My vision and future of ‘Hadlow by Flexifoil’ is to create a range of products that are relevant to the life of a kiteboarder. I have been traveling the world kiteboarding full-time for 8 years and feel I can help to make life better for everyone in our sport. Whether it is the latest high performance kite or the best luggage systems for traveling, I hope to eventually transfer all my experiences to the public in one way or another.

For 2011 you will see the third generation of Hadlow kite. This kite is a little more accessible in terms of usability. It is
more solid, has better relaunch, slightly more de-power but with zero compromise in performance for wake style tricks. A nice new
feature is a depower system that gives an amazing amount of de-power for people who want a ‘C’ kite feeling which is also a more
forgiving. It is ideal for people wanting to get into the HADLOW kite and also wave riders and snow kiters.

The freestyle board is a shape I have been using for years, in memory of my shaper Colin McCulloch who tragically passed away recently, I have taken his shape and design and worked on the rocker line and flex pattern in the construction. This board will accommodate any top level rider through to intermediate level who may be looking for an easy, comfortable ride. It comes as a 138 x 40 and later on in the year it will be available as a 135 x 39 and a 132 x 38.

The second board is a personal project for a style I have been getting into more and more recently. It is a wakestyle board, designed for bindings, with the most advanced channeled base in the kiteboarding industry. The good thing about it is that you can also double it up as a slightly faster cable/wake board. This will be a limited edition 138.

This is only beginning and the collection is sure to grow in the future.

For more information visit or download the PDF’s by clicking on the Kite and Board.