28th March 2014

End of an Era for HADLOW by Flexifoil

End Of An Era For Hadlow by Flexifoil
by Anthony Van Dort and Aaron Hadlow

Flexifoil was founded in 1972 when made famous by the Stacker 6 power kite which still to this day holds the record for the fastest kite. In 2001, Aaron Hadlow teamed up with Flexifoil to develop our first water kite which was the starting block of kites which would eventually power Aaron on to winning five consecutive world titles. In 2009, Flexifoil and Aaron teamed up to create the first Hadlow signature water kite and by 2013, Hadlow products populated half of the Flexifoil water kite product range.

It is with a heavy heart that Flexifoil has made the decision to focus on one brand rather than two and thus it is now time for Aaron and Flexifoil to venture forth on their separate paths. Flexifoil is going to move forward focussing on its core land & water kiting products as well as introducing some exciting new offerings and Aaron will continue to focus on his vision of developing the ultimate equipment to help both himself and others push the limits of the sport.

We would both like to thank each and every customer who has believed and invested in our products over the years and to reassure you that all water kite spare parts and accessories will continue to be supported so your existing purchases remain unaffected. Hadlow kites and boards are now available directly from Flexifoil.com while stocks last.

Aaron, “I would like to thank Flexifoil for all their support over the years, it has been a long journey and it is sad to leave the family but I am happy with the experience I have gained and the achievements I have won with their help. It has truly been a memorable stage in my life”

To follow Aaron’s progress and what is next in store for HADLOW take a look at www.aaronhadlow.com, alternatively follow him on Facebook.com/AaronHadlowOfficialPage and Twitter @aaronhadlow

Anthony, “I would like to thank Aaron for his unwavering commitment, determination and contribution over the years. Our business relationship has now come to a conclusion but we remain great friends and the Van Dort family and I are honoured to have shared so many good and fun times with Aaron”

Keep track of Flexifoil’s developments at www.flexifoil.com, buy online at shop.flexifoil.com or follow on Facebook.com/Flexifoilkites

Thank you for choosing Flexifoil and Hadlow